Problems next to Commercial Flea Killers & Traditional

Flea Bite Treatments

***Chemicals that act as poisons are spicy satisfactory to

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kill fleas, but the long word personal property on pets are

unknown, although they are likely not undisruptive to

use. (Employees trade these products must

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wear conserving wear and use respirators.

Plus, the merchandise labels alert antagonistic buffalo hide interaction.

So,if the chemicals are potentially unfavourable to

humans,they are belike not the most healthy

product for pets. )

***Prednisone & some other sex hormone drugs previously owned to

give assuagement from insect bites backing to foil itchiness &

inflammation. But, they likewise keep inside a pet's

immune scheme and have realizable long-term side

effects: hose down retention, viscus or thyroid damage,

hypertension, obesity, & heart raid.

Healthy Alternatives

***Strengthen your pet's status system:

Eliminate hay allergens from the diet, and

supplement the diet beside a well-balanced

essential sebaceous sharp (EFA), probiotics (bifidus

& acidophilus) & organic process protein supplements.

EFAs comfort to engineer your pet smaller amount prepossessing to

fleas, and biological process supplements convey nutrients

throughout the organic structure & serve to stoppage & remove

waste materials that may atomic number 82 to sustenance allergies.


-Add a tug of alliaceous plant pulverisation to diet.

-Add apple beverage acetum to your pet's liquid.

-Sprinkle 1/2 spoon dried Nettle onto your

pet's silage (helps to make smaller allergic feedback).

-Add to provisions or pip-squeak into pet's oral cavity a low-

alcohol watery colouring material of Dandelion Root,

Burdock Root, or Red Clover (helps eliminate

wastes & supports immune association).

-For sober epizoan bite allergies (red, inflamed,

itchy features), glycyrrhiza glabra serves as an anti-

infammatory. Also, an succulent foodstuff can backing to

heal & to confess itchiness. Directions: Add

one cup succulent food product to 4 environs h2o. Pour the

cool solution onto histrionic areas of your pet's


***Environment Treatment

Since fleas put in 80% of their instance in the

pet's environment, not on the pet, use herbal

products to your pet's natural areas

(bedding, etc.). Look for products that contain

extracts and/or oils of eucalyptus, citronella,

juniper, cedar, edible fruit oil, or Canadian fleabane.

(Citrus oil & Canadian fleabane comprise d-

Limonine which can termination fleas.)


Bathe near a good, mild flavoring pet shampoo

formulated to transport comfort and expunge fleas and

body wilderness from the connective tissue.

Only use shampoos intended for pets, not group.

(Human shampoos are oft too loud and may

contain allergens that worsen a pet's allergic


Also, don't cleansing agent too oftentimes or vexation &

dryness may take place.

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