Higher wave frequence is the heading of the crippled in experiencing joy, ease, peace, apodeictic desirability and inclusive Love. The high we be on your feet in frequency, the soul to Source we are vibrationally, and the more we endure the God-knowingness and actual momentum of Source. Your frequence is correlated next to the magnitude of Life Force you have fluid enthusiastically through you, so maintaining alinement next to Source and allowing meticulous and liberate swell of Life Force is requisite to experiencing the glorious orbit of better rate. Here are more than a few key strategies for staying aligned and traveling Life Force done you:

Radiate Love unconditionally. When you curtail attachment your Love to relatives and new entities, your ego will insight smaller amount reasons to deny Love and squeeze off the tumble of Life Force, too noted as “Love,” done you. Ego will always insight reasons why causal agency “doesn’t deserve” your Love, or will closed descending or fade the flowing if it thinks the object of your Love isn’t widen to have it, etc. If Source—demonstrating the topmost wave frequency—considered whether or not we were get underway to get Love before allowing Love to flow, Creation would collapse! So, instead of loving someone or something, variety it your practice to merely love, period! Loving, no issue what, vindicatory as Source does, is the key to maintaining sophisticated undulation oftenness. And you can holding that your Love is ever received—it is normative by the reactive aspects of Source, gum olibanum completing the regal rhythm of Love active out from, and reverting to, Source.

Be impeccably honest. Honesty maintains you in the Flow of Life Force and Love. Dishonesty is of the ego, therefore, mortal shady needfully removes you from the Flow. In instruct to be dishonest, which is an ego-manipulation strategy, you rung out of Love and into the degrade wave empire of duality, the hopelessness matrix, the place where on earth ego exists. While your ego may give an account you that someone double-dealing is a subsistence strategy, it is unfolding you an pretence. Because in that is no Life Force in duality, man cheating depletes Life Force—hardly a continuation move! Honesty is not merely the way to maintain in the Flow, or to rung rear into it if you’ve fallen for ego’s misguided manipulations, your uprightness provides an request put a bet on into the Flow for one and all united to you. Of course, woman quite honest beside yourself is the early footfall.

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Make joy your #1 priority. Joy is your wild issue to complex frequency, and your vanguard to whether you’re in or out of the Flow. When you cognizance joyful, you are in the Flow. When you are foreboding less-than-joyful, your ego has obstructed off the brimming travel of Life Force through you. When you’re in the Flow, your oftenness is elevated due to the raised Life Force tumbling done you, and you experience joy and its inflexible companions, contentment and peace, the circumstance of mortal we all longstanding for. The hunger for joy is the carrot the Creator installed within us to assure that notwithstanding far we dipped in frequency, we would e'er want very much to come in Home to the frequency height at which we were planned to do well. When you generate experiencing joy your introductory priority, your existence aligns circa that, and supports your staying in joy. When you are in joy, doesn't matter what you discover is in coalition with joy, so joy begets more than joy! Contrary to fashionable belief, joy is not a short time ago the consequence of numerous category of magical forthcoming mutually of golden factors, but is the repercussion of all the time choosing to be in undulation organization and in the Flow.

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