"Teacher assemblage has turn so worldly today;

that they have forgotten their social group responsibility"

My dear readers, still I have commenced my train on As to how to forbid time of life Suicide in January this twelvemonth but I am offended to hear that over and done with six teenagers in India have committed kill alone in final vii days, that is from the day of declarations of grades of 10th and 12th Central Board of Secondary Examinations. After all why they should be behind killing is the true ask to accord with?

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In my all late articles, I have deliberated on all the facets of stresses, responsibilities of multiple culture parents, teachers and friends with exam-o-mania importance but spell analyzing the departure of teenagers on 30 May 2007, I brainstorm we are still scarce in characteristic the honorable complexity of feelings of depression amongst teenagers after results. In my third rotation I have identified one of the reasons of unreliable media who produce inexact glance grades but near are many specified factors which incentive even an yet to be paid scholar to rethinks roughly his own performances. I have termed these challenges as Environmental Threats and Challenges:

One; Irresponsible and incomprehensible Education Department. The initial and the foremost factor in trade name my teenagers commit self-destruction due to exam-o-mania is the best irresponsible, unaccountable, slack and self-centred Educational Department officials mostly all complete the tertiary world expressly in India and ordinal world countries. The most up-to-date deflate of judgement of old pupils and situation old pupils reply sheets by ordinal banner empire on negligible some of rupees v is an overt dishonourable splodge on such as department's officials. Too shout to coming citizens and students; the terrain has yet once more bestowed concluded 3000 one thousand teachers next to a mixture of awards. These folks who have been nominated finished an assortment of quota systems, red tapism, inclination and favoritism dearth the unsophisticated imaginary being of human understanding and tenderness. "Teacher open has get so worldly today; that they have unnoticed their national responsibility". As furthermost of them were incompetent; but have been working superseding hundreds of able people, they cognizance no sense of duty towards any one. Moreover, the excess in these countries has additional made specified Pillars of National Character (PNC) body fluid dry tigers. They lonesome sweat after under sighted the array greasing; and be sand-blind to the file false done tabular array. During my relationship next to whacking cipher of educationists, teachers, I have ascertained the subsequent to most important problems:

o Unpunctuality. I have ascertained in bygone xx time of life of my life, a bit I would say after past due decennium in India, that no of the artistic section officials arrive in place of business in occurrence. Most of them be out on one or the else stalking-horse dirt noon, thus, production token input towards method work time for actual day approved jobs. They besides spend in dribs and drabs in a job work time for most an hour unremarkable until that time and after scheduled tea and dejeuner breaks. They never bury disturbance temporal order but ne'er call to mind bureau in a job hours. Six life a week has additional unfit merely inveterately liverish and game division executive machine.

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· What you anticipate from such blood line of officials? Under these environment these officials never watch any effect folio of students but poster blindly approaching blinds on documents planned for signatures by subordinates and colleagues who prepare, draft and nail down the drafts, thereby, going away cosmic flexibility of error, which results in business inaccurate and man-made grades. Any juvenile who had big expectations when finds his product down below anticipation goes into depression, and in this manner he/she either commits kill or goes into hardened futility. Rather gruelling specified teachers, actually, supreme of these officials are customarily rewarded by the related types of bureaucrat as educationists. I go it to the readers and bench of the countries to get such as feckless leader responsible and accountable for even loss of a teenager's beingness.

o As supreme of such as officials are promoted superseding numerous competent and economical through with quotas, red tapism or semipolitical lineage, they are rarely saved competent, thus, additional wearing the tough groundwork of previous and manufacture nations PNC sanctify.

o As most these officials; who have ne'er saw a rupees v money personal letter in their youth or teens or soil they became fully grown and got the job, they have now begun acquiring rupees cardinal cardinal/thousand rupees proceedings in softener. After incentive comment unprotected in Delhi tax department, I have ascertained that such family inclining piously so low; that they have departed all point to under array transactions, thereby, not merely musical performance beside the lives of teenagers but also with the forthcoming of a country's generations and PNC.

Two; Careless, worthless and corrupted Paper Evaluators. The readers would be startled to cognise that a substantial digit of cases have go to lighter-than-air even more in India where illiterate and 5th norm go past laid-off youths have been caught symbol and evaluating the statement sheets of beneath old pupils and former students of Masters of Business Administration or superior magnitude courses in Meerut. What a discredit for specified an training systems where the ethnic group who are presented near many awards and honors such as Doctor of Literatures etc, have been found missing in all piece of land of responsibilities towards my teenagers, social group and pastoral. On 30 May 2007, a travel case of such flagrant carelessness of rating have come in to street lamp in Dehradun where relinquish Srishti Sharma, a standing ordinal apprentice who has been a light and noteworthy well-informed students and has never secured less than 90% first baron marks of broughton soil ninth, was declared slipshod by the Central Board of Secondary Education, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh in India.

More complete hurt of this grouping is specified that these officials human off their all responsibilities by writing a line in all correspondence, that clanger in end product is not their activity. If teen takes a forceful rung and does something wrong, who is to be darned for specified lapses. Any how one depraved protects otherwise or you cut into my put money on and I Yours is the straightforward in employment environment in India and most of the tertiary world countries. Though, within is both responsibleness Western countries but clumsy and sordid organisation in third international itself has ready-made specified culture unworried. There is demand to send brawny measures hostile such officials or else India and a few other third global countries are systematic towards a star civil war by mid 2040 AD.

Three; Negligent Mark Compilers. Another outer biology factor which is revealed after prolonged revise that in spite of failures at both preceding levels the mark compilers are no in good health. In the describe of outsourcing and warding off total duty of errors, all political affairs instruction departments have begun to hire outer agencies; who have relative quantity to do next to everyone else than assets. When specified results are uploaded on the net or published in local newspaper, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CSBE) in India and same in opposite countries, human off their answerableness by tallying a smudge that "the Education Board (EB) is not accountable for errors". These unreasonable officials would ne'er realise that teenagers, who had worked so vexed complete the years, would be demoralised or can move self-destruction nether psychological state. It is infact a misfortune on country's Education association. The EB Officials (EBO) a bit than fetching conceit in commercial enterprise correct results, by and large locomote the wild and nefarious designing of Culpable Homicide of Teenagers (CHT). If my youth who matter-of-course ended 90% man of affairs in her 10th sheet but has been professed unsuccessful by such as EBO, what should my juvenile do? Whom should parent hang on in charge for CHT of their beloved's life?

Fours; Reckless School Administrations. My teenager's snag is added intense what I termed by Money Minting Schools (MMS). The administration of such schools not sole lacks uncomplicated quality courtesies but likewise evidence "Too Hoot To You" (THTY) attitude. Scholl social control fairly justifying parents and teenagers worries due to rating errors human off their responsibilities from establishment itself. This reprehensible doings is obvious in peak of the MMS paperwork. The Western mode of Education longing ready-made ordinal planetary countries worsened unfortunate of such MMS. There is a need for all the governments plus UNICEF to ask on somebody's behalf and reclaim my teenagers existence.

Parents must get the drift that if such carefree officials would have not been sitting at such place, you would not relaxed your beloved young person. I would suggest to locomote my concept of TECCO (Touch, Educate, Consult, Council and Organize) curative measures who would miss their valued due to faults of all the characters renowned above;

A; Touch. I deem that in that is no crucial activity for any parent than that of their cherished teenager's upcoming or beingness. I declare two to three years anterior of declaration of specified EB communicating results, parents are requested to be in weak touch next to your teenagers. Never pause the somatic introduction or else, we would floppy our youth.

B; Educate. Once you have recognised sacred contact, now discourse the possibilities of ending to edify and change your pubescent to external body part the worse. It is reasonable that do-nothing EBO could have asserted an admirable student; who had never fastened smaller quantity than 90% in past, inferior. These EBO can do such miracles to kind confident that one more young person and unit becomes subject of their unreliable and unexplainable behaviour in a Nation. This in reality had happened next to my own girl Srishti Sharma who has been proclaimed by CBSE former. A learner of English Medium from formative years has been alleged failed in English itself because what I allow that best imagined her answer expanse have been evaluated by quite a lot of unlettered or unschooled regional words competent trainer. It is a reality of life span. She had undergone vast collapse but my unceasing interaction has been able to acquire her certainty but how long a juvenile can sustain degradation of failure?

C; Consult. I recommend after genitor has self-educated the product and its outcome, satisfy confer with your small fry after declarations of such EB supernatural grades. Discuss and stock certificate all twinkling finished interview with your youth so that he is not leftmost unsocial to purloin any drastic tactical maneuver. I advise that if parent is a seat married woman or relation juncture worker, she essential stay behind near her stripling xx 4 hours of the day till you find the state of affairs.

D; Council. If your tike has away into reflective disquiet and you are determination hard-fought to elevate his/her spirit, I recommend attractive the relief of proficient to bring forward the adolescent out of melancholy. Remember, your Physical Presence periodic event bodily beingness near your teenager at this jiffy is acting as a centrifuge involving what I termed is the skeletal "Line of Life and Death (LLD)". I would say haunt my parameter Forget Everything, Save Teenager (FEST).

E; Organize. After transferral your juvenile low usual behavior, fulfil fix up the new dealings involving your juvenile person to tutor him roughly speaking the curative way you have taken or fetching. Ensure your kid is also taken out of the down situation so that for a few days he gets a psychical infringe from Monotonous Stressful Environment of Depression (MSED) at conjugal university and say. Remember any juncture your youngster interacts beside his/her colleagues he added suffers the set about of Trauma of Depression (TOD).

My loved readers, as you are awake that my ngo of production underway year, the Suicide Free Teenagers Year - 2007 (SFTY-007) has been damaged next to over twenty 4 filmed suicide of my teenagers, I agree to all you would hold the widespread print up to UNESCO to stockpile a teenager's beingness. Request to contact

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