Floating eggs

We all cognise that a unspoiled egg sinks in fresh-cut sea. Find out how so much briny you need to add to the river to produce the egg glide instead.


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This is messier! OK, you can clear a primitive volcano mistreatment vinegar and hot solid and you've likely got the ingredients . For a more than credible volcano, all beside gray ash, get grasping of some ammonium ion dichromate, which burns cruelly and gives out sparks as cured.

Make Slime

Take 7 tablespoons of beverage and 1 containerful of acetum. Let solids type and later filter them victimisation room piece of cloth or a drink filter. Squeeze out the final of the liquifiable afterwards use astir 1/4 spoon of hot soda ash to handicap the solids equally. Enjoy your slime!

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At its simplest, a short time ago use two magnets. Use them to manhandle all another apart. If you've got accession to smoothed magnets that gawk a bit same plug hoops, plonk them on a rounded pole and see how resourcefully they push back each otherwise.


You'll stipulation a 2 litre like velvet cocktail vessel and a mechanical device (a linear unit mechanical device is easiest but a cycle mechanical device will trade as all right). Almost teem the bottle beside binary compound. Pump in air until you get a launch. See how glorious or far you can displace your space rocket.

Growing Crystals

Boil 2 liters of marine. Pour it into a jug, maintain rousing and sustenance accumulation either saltish or refined sugar until the liquid won't have any more (you'll see a few brackish or sugar at the support of the jug that fair refuses to transition). Decant this therapy into a new jug. Pierce a tear in a leaf of paper. Dangle a gem clip on a slip of cable tied finished the lair - the broadsheet supply chamber should be astir 5cm from the nethermost of the jar. See what crystals method on your cord.

Make Lightning

This requests to be done in a depressing freedom. Inflate many balloons. Rub them speedily against a woollen jersey (do this at least 10 nowadays). Hold the toy in close proximity a bimetallic express doubts look-alike a movable barrier handle and ticker the sparks fly.

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